Tile Nation is addressing the immediate needs of today's tile installer by providing advanced training and services.

In 2022 we are focusing on Gauged Porcelain Tile Panel training and education for both installers as well as designers & architects.

We have several training events on our calendar. We are starting out with one of our advanced 5-day training classes. This event is scheduled for the week of February 21st. It will be held in Omaha, Nebraska.


Introduction to thin panels, ANSI standards, moisture mitigation, and surface prep.

Surgically and tactically deconstruct prior classes modules. Here you will get to see the assembly backward in order to connect all the dots.

2-hour business class on pricing.

Surface prep. Manufacture introductions and go straight to work monkey see monkey do training. (MSMDT= you do what I do.)

The workstation modules will include a shower complete with a floor GPTP installation.

In addition to the shower, we will be tiling a 6ft fireplace facade with a profile on one side and miter return on the other side.

Tool introduction and demonstration of uses.

Fabricator and install panels “MSMDT”

Happy hour and discussions about success and failures from that day.

Continue installation on modules, panels to be installed in compliance with the ANSI standard.

Finish touch-ups on modules.

Lunch, awards, and discussion of the week's work. Business discussion and Q&A

Who are we?

Having found a common passion for training and assisting others to learn and advance their skills, Adam Christiansen, Craig Harimon, Christopher Rachel, and Luke Miller have teamed up to give back to the community and the trade that has been their life. We are building a community of like-minded tile contractors eager to advance their knowledge and skill set.  Adam is our lead GPTP trainer. He has installed well over 100 Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels and has experience training people in GPTP installations. Adam is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to residential GPTP.





Tile Nation is growing quickly, we will be announcing more GPTP advanced training dates along with other GPTP pieces of training, like our Countertop/Furniture class where we will cover mitering and epoxy coloring to match veins.

In addition to our GPTP training, we will be announcing & releasing other valuable information, services, and networking opportunities throughout the year.

If you want to stay in touch with all things Tile Nation, please sign up with your email & phone number below. We promise we will not sell or distribute your information and will only be contacting you periodically.

Register for our Feb. 21-25th Advanced GPTP Training here

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